Four daily tour options (Two half day tours and two full day tours) are provided for the participants of CIGR 2018 with various date alternatives during the Congress.
Minimum 10 participants are required for each tour. Congress Secretariat reserves the right to cancel the tours if this number is not met. For such cancellations, payments will be fully refunded.

Please check the payment and cancellation conditions indicated at the bottom part of this page. 
For any inquiries or any requests of private tours please contact CIGR 2018 Secretariat –


Daily Tour 01 (Day01)


Available: 24, 25 April 2018
Price: EURO 70.-
Pick-up: 09:00, Elexus Resort Hotel
Tour ends: 13:00, Elexus Resort Hotel
Highlights: Escape Beach  (Yavuz Çıkarma Plajı), Kyrenia Castle, Kyrenia Harbour visit and free time, Bellpais Monastery
Price include: Transportation, tour guide and museum entrance fees.
Description: The Abbey of Peace"  is the ruin of a monastery built by Canons Regular in the 13th century on the northern side of the small village of Bellapais, now inTurkish-controlled Northern Cyprus, about five kilometers from the town of Kyrenia. The ruin is at an altitude of 220 m above sea level, and commands a long view down to Kyrenia and the Mediterranean sea. The site is also a museum, which hosts a restaurant and a cafe. The Abbey's refectory now serves as a venue for concerts and lectures. In early summer it is also a venue for a local music festival. ‘’ Kyrenia Castle ‘’  at the east end of the old harbour in Kyrenia is a 16th-century castle built by the Venetians over a previous Crusader fortification. Within its walls lies a twelfth-century chapel showing reused late Roman capitals, and the Shipwreck Museum.

girne kalesi kyrenia   girne kalesi
Bellapais Manastiri kyrenia nicosia   escape beach
 Suleymaniye Mosque suleymaniye camii Istanbul 14    

Daily Tour 02 (Day02)


Available: 23, 24, 25 April 2018
Price: EURO 70.-
Pick-up: 13:30, Elexus Resort Hotel
Tour ends: 17:30, Elexus Resort Hotel
Price include: Transportation, tour guide and museum entrance fees.
Highlights: The Green Line (Nicosia), Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral), Grand Bazaar, Great Inn, Green Line
Description: Selimiye Mosque (Turkish: Selimiye Camii, Greek: Σελιμιγιέ Τζαμί), formerly Cathédrale Sainte Sophie, is a mosque located in the Turkish-controlled northern part of the walled city of Nicosia. It is the main mosque of the city. The Selimiye Mosque is housed in the largest and oldest surviving gothic church in Cyprus (interior dimensions: 66 X 21 m) possibly constructed on the site of an earlier Byzantine church. In total, the mosque has a capacity to hold 2500 worshipers with 1750 m2 available for worship. Bandabuliya, or the Grand Old Bazaar as it is known, is just a few steps away from Kyrenia harbour. The afternoon sun shines into the room and creates a warm light that welcomes us when we enter. They already have guests there for lunch and there are also some people at the bar having a beer. During the Lusignan period the venue was used as an open market, as a kind of trading centre where people came to exchange and sell goods. In 1891, the municipality decided, under British rule, to build a covered market or bazaar, as it is known now. The man who works at the bar says that the building had also been used as a storage area for all the cargo vessels that brought goods into Kyrenia harbour, but for which period in history he couldn't say. The Bazaar has over the years been an important place for Kyrenia trade, but as in so many other places around the world, the development of modern shopping streets and shopping malls have supplanted the old-time venues.In 2004 the Bazaar was renovated to attract more tourists. The man at the bar says that the venue currently has, a restaurant, bar and a jewellery store, but that more markets will open up soon. Kyrenia is a centre of tourism on the island and many come here to experience part of the history of Cyprus.

selimiye   girne tur

Daily Tour 03 (Day03)


Available: 23, 24, 25 April 2018
Price: EURO 100.-
Pick-up: 09:00, Elexus Resort Hotel
Tour ends: 17:00, Elexus Resort Hotel
Highlights: The Green Line (Nicosia), Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral), Grand Bazaar, Great  Inn, Green Line, St. Hillarion Castle, Kyrenia Castle, Bellapais Abbey
Price include: Transportation, tour guide and museum entrance fees, lunch.
Description:  The horseshoe shaped harbor is the focal point of the town. The historical Kyrenia Harbor, with its colorful fishing boats and yachts, and with its lively bars and cafes, is the heart of Kyrenia for locals as for tourists. The region boasts many historic sites worth visiting. Among these the Kyrenia Castle and the Shipwreck Museum, the St. Hilarion Castle, the Bellapais Abbey, the Folk Arts and the Icon museums are the most important. Visiting Nicosia is a must for anyone wishing to experience a taste of history. The developing, urban, yet historic and charming city of Nicosia is the major center for arts, culture, diplomacy and business.

Hillarion Castle   kyrenia castle
bellapais   selimiye 2

Daily Tour 04 (Day04)


Available: 23, 24, 25 April 2018
Price: EURO 100.-
Pick-up: 09:00, Elexus Resort Hotel
Tour ends: 17:00, Elexus Resort Hotel
Highlights: Visiting Monastery of Barnabas (room of Icons), Roman City of Salamis, St Nicholas Cathedral, Othello Tower, Venetian Palace
Price include: Transportation, tour guide and museum entrance fees, lunch.
 Famagusta contains spectacular ruins, including a magnificent amphitheater, Roman baths, a gymnasium and Roy tombs. The mosaics are particularly beautiful. Famagusta is the historical capital in North Cyprus. The walled town and the areas around the city are peppered with ruins of civilizations ranging from Assyrian, Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Lusignans and Venetians.
Famagusta harbour is dominated by a great citadel sometimes known as Othello's
Tower in reference to the (fictional) play by Shakespeare. It contains a splendid 14th century Gothic Hall.

Nicholas Cathedral famagusta   salamis harebeleri 2 famagusta
 barnabas    salamis harebeleri famagusta
 venedik sarayi    




Payment for optional tours should be made in Euro by any of the following methods. Please note that no personal checks will be accepted. 

1) Online payment (Credit Cards)
Payment for optional tours can be paid by credit card through the secure online registration system. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

cigr2018 registration accomadation

2) Bank Transfer 
Bank Remittance Information:
Please instruct your bank to transfer Euros as follows:
Path: Remitting from all areas in the world

Beneficiary Banker’s Name Garanti Bank AS
Beneficiary Banker’s Name Levent Sanayi Branch  (Code :416)
Beneficiary Name Kaiki Kongre Yonetimi ve Turizm A.S.
Beneficiary IBAN No. TR65 0006 2000 4160 0009 0854 01
Beneficiary Address Kosuyolu Mh. Ali Nazime Sk. No:45 Kosuyolu/Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey
Beneficiary Phone No. +90 216 428 95 51
Note Please make a note that this transfer is for 19th World Congress of CIGR and include your name.

Please indicate your name clearly to the bank, and send us a copy of the bank receipt to

Tour reservation requests will not be confirmed without payment. Full payment in Euro should be received within two weeks time after the reservation request is made through our online registration system; otherwise, your reservation request will be cancelled without an additional notification. If you need more information about your payment, please contact our secretary, Payment by bank transfer is preferred.

  1. Full payment is required to confirm the optional tour reservations. 
  2. All the aforementioned costs are payable in full without deduction of any bank charges. All transfer charges, bank collection fees and financial charges are payable by the participants.


An invoice and a confirmation letter will be sent to the participants upon they finalize online payment. They will be generated automatically by online system and will aim to inform the participant on the current status of the items booked.


- All booked daily tour services to be cancelled before April 13th, 2018 are 100% refundable after deduction of bank expenses.
- No refunds for cancellations made on and after April 14th, 2018.
- All cancellations must be done in writing to, and valid only upon written confirmation from the Congress Secretariat.
- All refunds will be done after the end of CIGR 2018.