Armand Blanc Prize
Submission deadline is 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time (Time at New York City, USA), April 6th, 2018.

The Armand Blanc Award was created to honor Prof. Armand Blanc, Head of the Institute National Agronomique, Paris, France. Prof. Blanc was president of CIGR from 1950 to 1962. The purpose of the award is to recognize and promote outstanding young researchers in the field of agricultural, biological and biosystems engineering. The award consists of a cash prize and a certificate of recognition.

The candidate of the Armand Blanc Award must meet the following requirements:
1. Be under the age of 30 by April, 30th, 2018. Individuals 30 or older at this date do not qualify for this award.
2. Be the first author of an abstract accepted and presented at the CIGR World Congress for 2018.
3. Present the work in an oral or poster session. The type of session will not affect the selection of the winner.
4. Be present during the award ceremony to be recognized.

The candidates must submit the following materials to be considered:
1. The Armand Blanc Application form. Please click here to download the application form .
2. A 4 to 6 page extended abstract. The format is described below. Papers not adhering strictly to this format will not be considered.
3. Proof of age. Provide copy of a legal document that includes the date of birth.

Send by the deadline to The subject line in the email and name of any attachments must include “ARMAND BLANC SUBMISSION” and the name of the candidate.

The criteria for the award will be based on a clear statement of goals and objectives, use of appropriate methods, and well supported conclusions.

Format for the extended Abstract:
Use single spaced Times New Roman 11 font. Paper size should be standard letter (8.5x11inches) with 1 inch margins. Include only the title of the abstract. Do not include the authors. Divide your sections as appropriate. It is suggested that you have a very brief introduction, goals and objectives, methods and results, and conclusions. Graphics, tables and references must be included within the 6 page limit.