Turkey is located at UTC+3 time zone.

Visitor timezone

Visitor language

Official language in Turkey is Turkish while English, German and Russian are also
spoken by the staff of Granada Luxury Resort Hotel, the Congress venue.


The electrical power supply in Turkey is 220 volts. Outlets are standard European.

Visitor electricity

Visitor climate

April marks the transition time from Spring to Summer in Mediterranean.
It is a beautiful spring month and a very nice period to stay. Visitors during this time of the year have a 

The weather in April is somehow cool and sometimes a bit chilly as average temperatures are
around 15°C, but visitors do not seem to mind these temperatures as they remind them of
the early months of Summer in their own parts of the world. Some even enjoy swimming in
the Sea at sandy beaches at this time of the year that offers privacy and seclusion, although
the Sea temperature is somewhat cool being about 17°C. At night, temperatures drop to 10°C-12°C
on the coast, 9°C inland and 5°C in the mountainous areas. Hail is rare by this time of the year,
especially by the end of April. During some April days in the past years, the temperature has
risen up to 22°C and dropped to lower than 13°C by day time.

As days are pleasantly warm, but temperatures may fall a bit at night.

Medium-weight and summer apparel: Light woollies or long sleeved cotton for the evenings are suggested.


The official currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira (TL). Foreign money can be exchanged at banks on
business days (09.00 - 17.00 Monday-Friday) as well as in hotels, at the airport and in exchange offices.

Automated bank machines, and exchange offices are available in the city center of Belek,
the neighbourhood of the city where the Congress venue is located, as well as in the airport. 

As the accommodation concept of Granada Luxury Resort Hotel is Ultra All Inclusive, you probably won't
need to spend money for anything except for your personal shopping which you can pay with credit cards.
All major credit cards are accepted in most places.

Visitor currency

Visitor emergency

International dialing code: +90

 Ambulance / Emergency   112
 Coast Guard  158
 Fire  110
 Forest Fire Hotline  177
 Police  155