Climate & Clothing

April marks the beginning of the summer season of Northern Cyprus. It is a beautiful spring month and a nice period to stay. In April Northern Cyprus really enters its summer period and visitors during this time of the year have a lot of space and freedom when touring around the island as it is not so crowded.

The weather in April is somehow cool and sometimes a bit chilly (for Cypriots) as average temperatures are around 16°C (62°F), but visitors do not seem to mind these temperatures as they remind them of the early months of Summer in their own parts of the world. Some even enjoy swimming in the Sea as most “blue flag” beaches at this time of the year offer privacy and seclusion, although the Sea temperature is somewhat cool being about 18°C. At night, temperatures drop to 11°C-13°C on the coast, 10°C inland and 6°C in the mountainous areas. Hail is rare but not impossible to see. During some April days the temperature could rise up to 22°C (68°F) and drop to lower than 13°C.

During April you would expect 9 hours of sunshine. As days are pleasantly warm, but temperatures may fall a bit at night.

Medium-weight and summer apparel: Light woollies or long sleeved cotton for the evenings are suggested.

Banks and currency Exchange

Bank and exchange offices are located in the city centre close to the hotels. The currency of Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. While some shops do accept euros, pounds. We recommend that you exchange to the local currency. Most shops also accept major credit cards.

Currency Exchange Offices Opening hours:

Monday-Friday   : 08:30-17:50
Saturdays         : 08:30-14:00
Closed on Sundays

Credit card/cash points

Cash points accepting major credit cards are conveniently located in the city.

General opening-closing hours of Bank Offices;

Monday-Friday   : 09:00-12:30 / 13:30-16:30
Lunch breaks      : 12:30-13:30

Emergency phone numbers

International Dialling Code: +90  392

 Emergency  : 155
 General Directorate  : 228 34 11
 Kyrenia  : 815 2125
 Nicosia  : 288 3311
 Famagusta  : 366 53 10
 Emergencies  : 199
 Forest Fires hotline  : 177
 Kyrenia  : 815 2111
 Nicosia  : 227 1259
 Famagusta  : 366 5389
 Emergencies  : 112
 Kyrenia  : 815 2266 / 815 2254
 Nicosia  : 228 5441
 Famagusta  : 366 2876 / 366 5328
 Directory inquiries  : 192


Major Language: Turkish (An advantage is also that English is widely spoken ) . Northern Cyprus Turkish Cypriots speak Turkish, and most also speak very good English.


Northern Cyprus has a 240v electricity supply and uses British 3-pin rectangular blade plugs, so you don't have to take an adaptor for UK electrical device, mobile phone chargers etc.

Postal service

The postal service in Northern Cyprus is run by PTT and there are offices in all major cities, towns and villages.  Postage stamps can be purchased in many denominations, and a normal standard weight letter will cost you around 50 krs (20p) to post to most European destinations.  Delivery times vary, but more often than not it will take at least week to reach its destination.

Incoming post however is a different kettle of fish, and there have been many problems recently with post possibly not arriving on the island at all.  Some advice for sending post to Northern Cyprus would be to ensure that you have the correct postal code.  Every piece of mail should have ‘Mersin 10, Turkey’ noted at the end of the address.  This add-on effectively routes post to Turkey, and from there they know that it needs to come to Northern Cyprus.  If ‘Cyprus’ is used it will be delivered to the south of the island, where you may or may not find it being re-routed correctly to the North.


Monday – Friday:
08:00 – 13:00
14:00 – 17:00

07:00 – 14:00
15:30 – 18:00

Car Parking

Free car parking is available outside the conference venue. Downtown parking is generally metered.

Car rental

Northern Cyprus car hire should always be booked in advance as there is usually a shortage of cars available during the summer months.


Shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00-17.30. Supermarkets and department stores are open till 19.00 on weekdays and are normally closed on Sundays. Most shops accept all major credit cards.

Dining out and tipping

Most restaurants in the city are open from 11.30 until midnight. Gratuities are automatically included in the bills for service at some of the restaurants, meals etc. Tipping is optional.

Visa Information

It is possible to reach Kyrenia via two airports.

Alternative 1 Via “Larnaka” Airport

EU citizens or participants who have Schengen visa can fly to Larnaka airport at Southern Cyprus. Your passports might be re-checked while entering Northern Cyprus with a very short procedure, however, no other visas required rather than a Schengen visa.

Alternative 2 Via ” Ercan” Airport

Participants from Nigeria and Armenia need to contact congress secretariat to receive assistance to obtain the visa required to enter Northern Cyprus.

No visas are required in this option as long as you are a transit passenger to Ercan Airport during check in to your connection flight in Istanbul airport (or other cities in Turkey). If you have separate flight tickets, you may need a Turkish visa to collect your luggage and for checking to your flight to Ercan Airport. Turkey does not apply visa for visitors from many countries or a visa can be obtained easily at the airport. However, visitors from some countries might still need to apply for visa before travelling. Please check for your country.

You need to have your passports with you during entering the Northern Cyprus and fill up  paper visa form at the customs which is to be stamped instead of passports. It is important to keep the paper visa during your stay as it is also going to be stamped while leaving Northern Cyprus.