How to get to Kyrenia and Congress venue

cyprus map1

It is possible to reach Kyrenia via two airports.

(Important : Participants from Nigeria and Armenia need to contact congress secretariat to receive assistance to obtain the visa required to enter Northern Cyprus.)

Alternative 1 Via “Larnaka” Airport

EU citizens or participants who have Schengen visa can fly to Larnaka airport at Southern Cyprus. Larnaka airport is located 5 km south of Larnaka. British Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Aeroflot, Olympic Air Aegean Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Emirates and Lufthansa are some of the airlines that operate flights for Larnaka. It takes approximately 1,5 hours by driving to get to Elexus Hotel (Congress venue) which is at 90km distance to Larnaka airport.  Your passports might be re-checked while entering Northern Cyprus with a very short procedure, however, no other visas required rather than a Schengen visa.

Alternative 2 Via ” Ercan” Airport

It is possible to fly to Ercan airport from major cities in Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Antalya -with direct flights. It takes 30 minutes to reach Elexus Hotel (Congress venue) which is at 35 km distance from Ercan airport  No visas are required in this option as long as you are a transit passenger to Ercan Airport during check in to your connection flight in Istanbul airport (or other cities in Turkey). If you have separate flight tickets, you may need a Turkish visa to collect your luggage and for checking to your flight to Ercan Airport. Turkey does not apply visa for visitors from many countries or a visa can be obtained easily at the airport. However, visitors from some countries might still need to apply for visa before travelling. Please check for your country.

Please make sure that you have your connection flight at the same airport as there are two airports in Istanbul.

You  need to have your passports with you during entering the Northern Cyprus and fill up  paper visa form at the customs which is to be stamped instead of passports. It is important to keep the paper visa during your stay as it is also going to be stamped while leaving Northern Cyprus.

Participants are advised to book airport transfers at the time of registration for their own convenience.