Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to announce that the destination of the XIX. World Congress of the International Commission of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR) to be held between April 22-25, 2018, has been changed to Antalya, Turkey. 

Located at the Southern part of Turkey, Antalya is considered as the Pearl of Mediterranean. It is 7th largest city of Turkey that stands for professionalism, experience, diversity and quality, and which hosts more than 10 million foreign guests, from all over the world on a yearly basis.

CIGR World Congresses are the most important and biggest event for the international community of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers, as well as researchers, academicians, engineers working in related fields. Being organized with an invaluable cooperation of the Turkish Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, Akdeniz University and Ege University, the XIX. World Congress of CIGR is an excellent opportunity for you to present your current studies, discuss new ideas, technologies, processes, application experiences and machines, and developing new collaborations between academics, researchers, developers, engineers, experts, students and also practitioners.

The Congress also will offer you and your family extraordinary experiences about Turkish culture, daily life and historical wonders of the country during the Congress and also during the post congress tours.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Congress in Antalya, Turkey in April 2018.


Organizing Committee

XIX. World Congress of CIGR



General Topics

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* Changing Land and Water Uses and Their Societal Impacts
* Landscape Preservation and Ecology
* Transition toward Sustainable Food Systems
* Transition toward Sustainable Rural Road Networks
* Policies, Governance and Institutional Development

* Land and Topographic Resources for Irrigated Agriculture
* Energy, Nutrient and Water Cycles in Irrigated Agriculture
* Use of Treated and Low Quality Water in Agriculture
* Groundwater Exploitation
* Drought Risk Management
* Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

* Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) / Site Specific Irrigation (SSI)
* Micro-Irrigation
* Subsurface Drip Irrigation
* Sprinkler Irrigation
* Surface Irrigation and Water Conveyance

* ET Measurement
* Canal Automation
* Measuring Water Flow
* Gravity and Pressurized Systems
* Irrigation and Soil Monitoring Systems
* Weather Stations and Networks

* Decision Support Systems and Modelling Tools
* Innovative Data-Acquisition and Information and Communication Technologies
* Irrigation Technologies and Management Practices for Environmental Upgrading
* Geo-Information and Remote Sensing Technologies for Land, Soil and Water Management

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* Harvesting, Processing, Storing and Transport
* Processing and Utilization
* Pelletts & Briquettee
* Combustion
* Gasification
* Biogas & Pyrolysis Gas
* Liquid Biofuels
* Biodiesel
* Bioethanol
* H2 Production
* Microbial Fuel Cell
* Biochar Production and Application

* Production & Production Systems for Algae
* Micro Algae Cultivation & Harvest & Application

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* Related to the Information Technology and Decision Support Systems Used to Improve Productivity and Product Quality as well as Cost Reduction, Including the Assessment of the Impact of Agricultural Production on the Environment

* Related to the State-of-the-Art Apps and Management Information Systems that Help Farmers to Manage Their Daily Operations on a Farm Basis

* Investigation and Optimisation of Operation, Considering Interaction between Field and Machinery, and Methods to Optimise Machinery Performance

* Investigation of SCM Methods and Tools, Referring to Local and Regional Scenarios, with a Systematic Approach that Considers the Whole Chain or Part of It to be Analysed

* Related to the Investigation of Work Methods and Labour Operation Time with Combines, Tractors and Other Equipment, Including the Effect of Weather Conditions on Daily Planning. This Includes Working in Protected Environment.

* Related to the Workload and Safety of Farmers' Use of Combines, Tractors and Other Technical Equipment, Including The Compatibility of Signs and Manuals in the Actual Workplace

* Related to Accident Prevention in All Agricultural Operations that Impose Varying Levels of Physical and Mental Stress

* Related to Tools and Teaching Systems to Improve the Uptake of New Management Techniques or Researches Already Made

* Related to the Interface between Workers and Current Digitalisation Process in Agriculture

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* Postharvest Handling Systems
* Postharvest Losses and Food Waste
* Agro-Processing and Food Preservation
* Packaging Technologies
* Drying Technologies
* Food Quality Measurement and Control
* Food Safety and Phytosanitary Issues
* Storage Technologies
* Food Traceability and Market Access
* Food and Nutrition Security
* Food, Nutrition and Health
* Sustainable Food Systems and Processing
* Horizon 2010 and Future Food
* Emerging Food and Bioprocess Technologies
* Food Nanotechnology

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* Agriculture and Sustainability
* Precision Farming and Knowledge Intensive Agriculture
* Data-Driven Farming Systems
* Decision Support Systems
* On-Line Farm Services
* Web Applications (Clients, Devices, Server-Side)
* Cloud Computing Applications
* Social Networking, Collaborative Tools and Crowdsourcing
* Tools for E-Agribusiness
* Smartphone Apps
* Sustainable Biomass Production and Use
* Business Ecosystem
* Smart Farms
* GIS Applications
* Farm Planning Tools
* Environmental Information Systems and Management Systems
* Natural Resources Management

* Biosensors
* High-Throughput Phenotyping
* Satellite Remote Sensing
* Drone Sensing
* Image Processing
* Robotics and Machine Embedded ICT Tools
* Internet of Things (IoT)
* Sensor Networks
* Autonomous Machines

* Modeling and Simulation for Agricultural Production and Farming Systems
* Weather Prediction Models for Sustainable Agricultural Production
* Multi-Agent Systems
* Climate Modeling and Impact on Agriculture
* Crop Growth Models
* Genotype x Environment Interaction Modeling
* Network Models

* Agri-Food Chain and Logistics
* On-Farm Optimization
* Traceability Tools
* Business Models
* Rural Economics and Policy

* Metadata and Data Standards in Agriculture
* Thesaurus Management, Knowledge Management
* Ontologies for Agriculture
* Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Repository Services
* Web of Data, Linked Open Data
* Security and Privacy

* AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning
* Expert System
* Cloud Applications
* Big Data and Data Mining for Agricultural Information Systems
* Business Intelligence and Analytics
* Data Visualization
* Data and Knowledge Management

* Active Learning
* Curriculum Design, Development and Alignment
* Assessment Strategies, Tools and Techniques
* Extension Program Case Studies
* Adoption Strategy, Planning, Execution and Outcomes



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